Indiscriminately Accepting Facebook Friendships Is Never a Good Idea

We’ve all gotten that random Facebook friend request that seems like someone you could know, so you think eh, why not. Members of the “Brower Boys,” a Brooklyn gang, will probably stifle that socially generous impulse in the future. Fourteen of the teenage gang’s alleged members were arrested for burglaries in Crown Heights; the cops tracked their activities via Facebook news feed after Michael Rodrigues, a young policeman, friended several. The guys posted things like “break-in day on the avenue,” so they weren’t exactly making things tough for the police. One, “Pretty Boy Sleepy,” posted pictures of himself with guns. Also probably not a great idea! These kids and their social networking. But their worst crime of all? Giving Ray Kelly the chance to test out this line: “They signed off on their messages with LOL — laughing out loud. Well, there was a person who was laughing out loud. That was Police Officer Michael Rodrigues of the 77th Precinct.” Not LOLing.

Brooklyn Gang Caught via Facebook