men who dress like their dead mothers for financial gain

Brooklyn Man Sentenced to 13-Plus Years for Dressing As Dead Mom

It’s amazing — it’s amazing!” Justice Vincent DelGiudice said as he sentenced 52-year-old Thomas Prusik-Parkin of Brooklyn to spend 13 2/3 to 41 years in state prison for posing as his deceased mother to collect government benefits. DelGiudice was especially troubled by Prusik-Parkin’s decision to dress in his mother’s clothing and a wig: “It just boggles the mind that you continued this plan of deceit by impersonating her and committing a fraud at the DMV by dressing up … to hoodwink the clerk.” Prusik-Parkin argued that he must be innocent because his attire didn’t match the blouses seen in a security video. “They’re old discotheque shirts from the 1970s,” he explained. At least DelGiudice was able to enjoy the Psycho reenactment happening in his courtroom. After hearing Prusik-Parkin’s defense, DelGiudice chuckled and said, “You’re an amazing character.”

Brooklyn Man Sentenced for Dressing As Dead Mom