men who dress like their dead mothers for financial gain

Brooklyn Man Who Dressed As Dead Mother to Get Benefits Convicted

The Brooklyn man who cashed over $100,000 in his deceased mother’s social security and other benefits was found guilty on Thursday of grand larceny, mortgage fraud, and criminal possession of a forged instrument. Norman Bates admirer Thomas Prusik-Parkin got busted in 2009 when he brought a real-estate complaint to Brooklyn prosecutors while wearing a red dress, a blonde wig, and grandmotherly shades. “He never impersonated his mother, never wore her clothing,” said defense lawyer Morris Shamuil. “It was somebody else. He doesn’t know who it was.” Prusik-Parkin added, “Yeah, but she looked pretty hot, right?” (He didn’t really say that last part.)

Brooklyn Man Who Dressed as Dead Mother Guilty