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Columbia Janitor Just Asking for His Life to Be Made Into a Movie Starring Gene Hackman

Left: Gac Filipaj. Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage and Courtesty of Columbia University

Gac Filipaj, a 52-year-old immigrant from the former Yugoslavia, came to the United States in 1992 in search of a dream — specifically, that one day his life story would form the basis for an inspirational film starring Gene Hackman, who kind of looks like him. This weekend Filipaj will reach a major milestone on his way to achieving that dream after he receives a bachelor’s degree in classics from Columbia, which he earned over the course of twenty years while working at the school as a janitor. The film will be called School of Hard Mops, and it will also feature Anna Kendrick as a young, idealistic professor who forms a close platonic friendship with Filipaj and helps him on his journey.

Columbia Janitor’s Life Will Definitely Be Movie