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Did Tom Cruise Have His Phone Hacked?

Actor Tom Cruise
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Buried on the last page of a very long Playboy interview with Tom Cruise (probably NSFW, even if “it’s for the articles”) is a vague indication that the actor might be among the many victims of phone-hacking. In a question about “the intrusiveness of the press,” the magazine invokes the Rupert Murdoch scandal and asks, “Have you ever been hacked?” Cruise responds with one word: “Maybe.” Tell us more!

What do you make of this invasion of privacy?” he’s asked in a follow-up, and again Cruise answers abstractly. “I put that in a minor pile of things I have to handle. But with certain ones you have to go, ‘Okay, you crossed a line, and now you have the attention of my lawyers,’” he says laughing. “When it involves your kids, with these guys you have to go, ‘Here’s the line, and anytime you cross it … ’ But there are lots of times when you just have to say, ‘Please don’t cross that line. Be decent. Let’s not do this.’”

It doesn’t exactly sound like he has a lawsuit coming against News Corp., and it’s unclear if he’s even talking about Murdoch or just celebrity life in general, but he’s got our attention for the first time since the couch-jumping. That Tom Cruise — so cryptic.

Did Tom Cruise Have His Phone Hacked?