Alleged Disney Cruise iPhone Thief Outed on Victim’s Facebook

A woman named Katy McCaffrey says her iPhone was stolen aboard a Disney Cruise in April, but she’s hot on its trail thanks to technology — specifically the so-called “cloud.” In a Facebook album posted yesterday titled “Stolen iPhone Adventures,” McCaffrey reveals the man she believes is responsible, a Disney Cruise employee named Nelson, whose pictures taken with her phone were automatically pushed to her thanks to Apple’s Photo Stream. “This is Nelson,” McCaffrey wrote next to this sunset shot of the man, who is wearing a name tag. “Nelson stole my iPhone.”

McCaffrey also included intimate pictures of a woman she refers to as Nelson’s (pregnant) girlfriend, who also appears to work on the Disney Cruise, social gatherings featuring other employees, and even a man she identifies as the co-captain of the ship. There are twenty photos in all (subtitled: “how Nelson lost his job”) and in the comments, the rightful owner writes, “I have alerted the officials of the Disney Cruiseline and forwarded them the photos. Hopefully I’ll get my phone back and maybe some free passes to Disneyland.” (We’ve reached out to both McCaffrey and Disney for more info.)

I can’t see any reason why people shouldn’t share this,” McCaffrey wrote to her friends in the comments. So far, the album has been reposted 174 times. All told, it appears pretty damning, and McCaffrey seems unequivocal in assigning guilt, but as the story starts to spread on Twitter and go viral, we sure hope this isn’t some larger misunderstanding, for everyone involved. (Did she report it missing? Could he have unwittingly bought the phone from someone else?) On the other hand, if Nelson is really responsible, he’s about to get owned.

Update: Disney has recovered the phone and placed Nelson on administrative leave while they investigate.

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