Disney Investigating Accused iPhone Thief Caught on Facebook

Katy McCaffrey’s stolen iPhone became Internet famous yesterday when pictures taken by the alleged crook started showing up in her photo stream thanks to the convenient genius of Apple’s iCloud. She posted an album to her Facebook, accusing a Disney Cruise employee of taking the phone and using it to document his wild life on the ship. After being shared almost 4,000 times, the pictures may have helped crack the case: The phone has been recovered aboard the Disney Wonder, and the employee in question is on administrative leave.

The boat is still at sea, so McCaffrey will have to wait a bit to get her phone back, but a Disney spokesperson (despite ignoring our repeated requests for comment) assured USA Today that they are taking the case “very seriously.” The suspect Nelson, as he’s known to the Internet, is even being restricted from guest areas, although his guilt has not been confirmed. “We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior,” the spokesperson said. “We are taking aggressive action.” Maybe that means he’s banned from the buffet too.

Disney Recovered Stolen iPhone Found on Facebook