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Inside an Extravagant $14 Million Home in Gravesend, Brooklyn

Photo: Courtesy of Nest Seekers International

Technically, it’s not a $14 million home yet — that’s just the asking price. But if it did sell for that much, it would set an all-time record for the most expensive single-family home in Brooklyn. That such a record would belong to Gravesend, and not, say, Brooklyn Heights or some other area of Brownstone Brooklyn, may come as a surprise to many people.

Gravesend, however, is not your normal real-estate market, as noted by this 2006 Times story. A limited number of properties are highly coveted by the community of wealthy Syrian Jews who have formed a tight-knit enclave in the neighborhood over the decades. Houses within walking distance of the local synagogue are in particular demand. In that Times article, a real-estate appraiser compared “the elite section of Gravesend with ultra-high-end co-ops in Manhattan, like 740 Park Avenue and 834 Fifth Avenue.” “There’s a direct parallel there, in terms of people paying absolutely astronomical prices for things and having them be somewhat irrelevant to what’s going on in the rest of the world,” the appraiser said. 

Anyway, there’s your Brooklyn trivia of the day. Now for some real-estate porn.

Inside a $14 Million Home in Gravesend, Brooklyn