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Let’s Help Mitt Romney Come Up With an Alliterative Sentence!

At least he didn’t sing “Who let the dogs out?” again. Or, in this case, we guess, “Who helped the hounds out?” Photo: @samyoungman

Mitt Romney stopped by a Philadelphia charter school today to participate in a roundtable discussion about class size (which Romney contends doesn’t really matter) and spend time with some young students. “Romney helping students with their assignment, make a sentence with alliteration,” Reuters reporter Sam Youngman tweeted along with the above photo. So what did he come up with? In an apparent effort to prove to everyone that he really does have a deep pathological hatred of dogs, Romney proposed — for real — “Dogs drive Douglas dizzy.”

Surely Romney could have come up with something that wasn’t dog-related while still staying true to himself — for example, “Firing folks feels freakin’ fantastic!” Help Mitt out in the comments with more suggestions.

Help Romney Write an Alliterative Sentence!