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The Married Temp Fooling Around With Her High School Crush

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Married Temp Fooling Around With Her High School Crush: Female, 28, Austin, temp, straight, married (polyamorous).


Noon My husband texts to let me know he’s seeing one of his girlfriends tonight, meaning I unexpectedly have the evening free. I have two men I like to see with my free time: Swing Dancer (SD) and High School Crush (HSC). Although I enjoy SD’s company, HSC is always my first choice. I text him.

5 p.m. After a flurry of text messages, HSC and I have plans for the evening. Already I’m completely horny. Our evenings always go the same way: drinks, a movie, and then making out, without penetrative sex. The lack of sex is what keeps me coming back for more. As much as I enjoy the intense sex I have with SD, the constant teasing with HSC is way more erotic. With SD, I can always get what I want. With HSC, the constant wondering and waiting enhances every touch and kiss.

8 p.m. I show up at HSC’s apartment with butterflies in my stomach. Every time I see him, I’m grateful that after many years of no contact, we both ended up in the same city and that I ended up in an open marriage. I’m not glad that he’s still struggling with the emotional repercussions of a painful divorce. Still, I’m always thrilled to be acting on feelings I developed in high school and that never faded after graduation.

8:30 p.m. After some chitchat, we make some really strong drinks and settle down to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, accompanied by RiffTrax. We’re sitting on opposite ends of the couch at first, but are cuddling 30 minutes in. 

11:30 p.m. After the movie, we enjoy more drinks and chitchat. Suddenly, he pulls the neckline of my shirt down and his mouth is on my breasts, then my lips. We grind until he moves me on top and we take each other’s shirts off. He gets back on top and I rub his penis through his front pocket. He bites my neck so hard he breaks the skin, and I almost orgasm from the blast of pleasure and pain. HSC unzips my pants and rubs my clit until I actually come. And as suddenly as the make-out session started, it stops. We cuddle and chat for a little while, and then I really do need to get home.

1:30 a.m. I leave HSC’s apartment dizzy and elated. He lives three miles away, but through the combination of fatigue and afterglow, I get lost.

2:15 a.m. My husband has waited up for me, which is a gesture that always makes me feel special. He winces at the spot on my neck, but doesn’t say anything. My enjoyment of painful sex bothers him a little, but as long as we keep our own relationship vanilla, he respects my need for some kink. I take a very quick shower and then we cuddle and talk for a bit, catching up on our days and respective dates.


5:45 a.m. My alarm clock goes off. My brain is fuzzy, but I’m still exhilarated from the night before, so I don’t care.

9 a.m. I’m falling asleep at my desk, so I start replaying memories from the night before. My thoughts progress to fantasies about what it would be like to actually have sex with HSC. I’m completely wet, and ponder sneaking off to the bathroom to masturbate, but decide against it. Not only could it get me fired, but the thought of getting off in a toilet stall honestly isn’t that appealing.

2:30 p.m. SD texts me, telling me how he’s been thinking about my ass all day and how it’s messing with his productivity at work. I can’t wait to mess with him when I get home from work.

4:30 p.m. I take a picture of my breasts and text it to SD.

6 p.m. I’m relaxing at home with the house to myself. SD sends me a photo of his erect penis. I masturbate and have a huge orgasm in just a few minutes. My body just can’t hold on.


4:30 p.m. I come home and find an e-mail from HSC on my computer. He’s asking if I want to hang out and watch a movie sometime this week. There’s a paragraph about hiking and camping destinations he hasn’t been to in a while, and asks if I’d be interested in joining him in the near future. I respond with enthusiastic yeses all around.

5 p.m. A friend of mine gets online and we discuss HSC’s e-mail, and whether or not he’s going to try to sleep with me on a camping trip. We both agree that this is more than likely.

7:30 p.m. Movie night plans with HSC have been finalized. Between our conflicting work schedules and his custody arrangement for his daughter, we won’t get together for a few more nights. I don’t know how I’m going to stand it.


8 p.m. I’m out dancing at the Fed (a local swing venue in town), and SD shows up. I wasn’t expecting to see him tonight. He doesn’t come out very often, so it’s a welcome surprise. Although in general he prefers people don’t see us flirting, he’s actually affectionate tonight and kisses me on the dance floor. He also leads me into moves that have me grinding against his pelvis and manages to grope my breasts.  

10 p.m. SD walks me to my car, pushes me against the door, and gives me a deep kiss, then asks when he can see me again. I immediately make plans with him for tomorrow night.


10 a.m. I’m so horny with anticipation that I can’t focus at work. I hope that nobody notices me squirming in my seat.

3:30 p.m. I head straight to SD’s house from work. He’s in the kitchen doing prep work for dinner. As soon as I walk in, he throws me against the kitchen counter, and we make out for a bit before rushing to the bedroom. I’m on top, and I have a huge orgasm, which makes him come before he’s ready. I don’t mind, because we have a long evening ahead of us.

6 p.m. We do some more dinner prep and snack on gourmet cheese. When the roast is in the oven, it’s back to the bedroom. SD isn’t ready for another go, but gives me plenty of pleasure. He spanks me repeatedly, so hard that I know I’ll have a bruise the next day, and when I’ve reached my limit, he fingers me until I come. He finishes off by giving me a delicious massage.

7:30 p.m. We dine on a roast, mashed potatoes, and salad, and finish off with gourmet ice cream. Conversation revolves around cooking, baseball, dance, and science fiction.

8:30 p.m. Back in bed. There’s more spanking, and then he gets on top of me, holding my arms down. Being on top and getting him off gives me a major ego trip, but I also really enjoy being on the bottom, especially with all the force he puts into it.

10 p.m. I head home. My husband asks if I had fun, and I tell him not to worry about the bruise on my ass. We watch some television on Netflix before turning in for the night.


6 p.m. Husband and I have dinner together before I go out. I ask if he minds that I’m going out two nights in a row. He reassures me that he doesn’t. This is a pretty familiar routine. If I have back-to-back lovers during the week, I like to check in and make sure he doesn’t feel neglected. But he saw one of his girlfriends last night and is seeing another one tonight, so it’s not like his needs are being ignored.

7 p.m. I show up at HSC’s house. My body is already going crazy wondering if we’ll have sex tonight. But even if we don’t, it doesn’t matter. I briefly worry that the anticipation will be better than the actual sex but decide to cross that bridge if I come to it. We put in Casablanca, and this time, I don’t wait to start cuddling. 

10 p.m. The movie ends, we have another round of drinks, and immediately begin making out. He doesn’t break the skin on my neck this time, but he does leave a pretty great hickey. We dry-hump for a while, and then he lets me unzip his pants and play with his penis. I almost think we’re going to have sex, but then HSC decides he’s done. He doesn’t give any explanation, just says he’s ready to stop. He hasn’t gotten off, but doesn’t seem to care.

11:30 p.m. HSC makes himself another drink and then comes back to cuddle. With the liquid courage, he finally opens up to me about his emotions surrounding his divorce. He admits that he really wants to have sex with me, but every time we fool around, he starts freaking out about rejection and needs to stop. He’s also grateful that I don’t seem to care. The emotional vulnerability is kind of a turn-on. We make out a little bit more before I decide I need sleep.

1 a.m. I head home. My husband has waited up for me. We watch a few TV shows, and then we cuddle again. Part of me wants to have sex with him because I didn’t get off with HSC, but I’m pretty exhausted, so I end up falling asleep before anything happens.


9 a.m. I wake up ready and raring to go. Husband and I have sex for the first time in two weeks. Something about living together and seeing each other every day has us taking each other for granted, so we just don’t have sex as often as we did seven years ago. He’s on top, and I scratch the hell out of his back. We climax together.  

10:30 a.m. We’re finally ready to get out of bed, and we’re starving, so we head out to get breakfast tacos. This has been a weekend ritual since we were dating: sex, and then Tex-Mex. It’s nice to know that some things never change.

TOTALS: Three acts of intercourse; three sexy text message; two heavy make-out sessions; two cuddling sessions; two sex daydreams while at work; one masturbation session; one sexy night of dancing; one spanking session; one massage.

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