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Man Survives 180-Foot Plunge Down Niagara Falls in Apparent Suicide Attempt

Niagara Falls.

A man survived a plunge of at least 180 feet down Niagara Falls on Monday after climbing over a rail and “deliberately jumping” into the Niagara River. “Based on witness statements and surveillance video, it doesn’t appear in any way, shape, or form that this was anything other than a suicide attempt,” said Niagara Parks Police Sergeant Chris Gallagher.

Rescuers reached the man at the bottom of the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the river about two hours after the jump. Members of the fire department rappelled down slick, steep shale and boulders, and pulled him up the cliff in a basket. Estimated to be in his thirties or forties, the man somehow managed to swim to the shore despite suffering chest injuries, including broken ribs and a collapsed lung. According to the Associated Press, the man is the only the third person known to survive a plunge over the falls without a safety device. After luck like that, this man has some serious living to do.

Man Survives 180-Foot Plunge Down Niagara Falls