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Playboy Model’s Low-Cut Dress Wins Mexican Presidential Debate

At the start of Sunday night’s presidential debate in Mexico, former Playboy model Julia Orayen, draped in a revealing and tight-fighting dress, walked to each podium with a glass box full of pieces of paper which determined the order the candidates would speak. While it wouldn’t have surprised us if this was a normal part of Mexican debates, apparently it is not, and it caused quite a stir. “Orayen’s name jockeyed for third and fourth place throughout the day under Twitter’s Mexico City trends,” the AP reports, and one of the candidates who had been spotted “gawking at Orayen’s posterior from the dais” later explained that “it is impossible not to concentrate your attention on a woman so spectacular.” The Federal Electoral Institute later apologized to viewers, although it was probably a good way to get voters interested in the next debate. Just imagine the draw it would be if the United States added an Orayen to the debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney later this year. Millions would tune in if only to find out whether the two wholesome family men could successfully maintain eye contact.

Playboy Model Wins Mexican Presidential Debate