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Journalist Praises Michele Bachmann for Flawless Campaign

David Brody.

Courtesy of Political Wire, here is an un-sarcastic conversation that exists:


Christian Broadcasting Network reporter David Brody: You ran pretty much an impeccable campaign, in terms of a mistake-free campaign.

Michele Bachmann: Thank you, it really was.

Brody: It pretty much was.

Bachmann: It really was, we were extremely careful, and we were almost mistake free, but for those two points, Elvis Presley’s birthday and John Wayne’s birthplace. I’ve apologized, and we moved beyond.

Brody: Interesting.

Impeccable”? “Extremely careful”?

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one, but here goes: The Founding Fathers tried to abolish slavery. The battles of Lexington and Concord were in New Hampshire. The U.S. has an embassy in Iran. One-hundred percent of the economy was private before TARP. Obama is putting our troops in Libya and Africa. Obama’s trip to India is costing the taxpayers $200 million a day. Her family farm never received government money. And a million other tiny gaffes, misstatements, and made up facts which chipped away at whatever credibility Bachmann possessed, which was not sizable to begin with.

But most glaringly of all, there was Bachmann’s infamous HPV-vaccines-cause-mental-retardation-because-some-random-lady-told-me-so incident, which, in a book called The Many Extremely Careless Mistakes of Michele Bachmann, would get its own chapter.

Michele Bachmann Praised for Flawless Campaign