MoMA Will Take All the Old Junk You Store Way in the Back of Your Closet

Exterior view of the David and Peggy Rockefeller Building from West 54th Street, The Museum of Modern Art, designed by Yoshio Taniguchi. Photo (C) 2004 Timothy Hursley.
Probably nicer than your garage. Photo: Courtesy of MoMA

Maybe you were thinking of throwing out that weird frisbee you got from a concert years ago, or selling that ugly vase your grandmother gave you on Craigslist. Instead, now you can take it to MoMA instead. For the previous two weekends, and two additional ones, the museum will be collecting “strange” items on behalf of the artist Martha Rosler. In November, Rosler will mount and sell an exhibition called the Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, at which she will probably pocket more than the average garage sale-r while turning that junk into art. (This is the kind of thing that only encourages hoarders.)

Almost anything’s fair game, but no “weapons, or toxic or hazardous materials!“  So far it seems as if people are mostly using the chance to dump their old books, but per the Post, there’s also been a porcelain artichoke dropped off, so … yeah, this doesn’t sound any stranger than the average garage sale yet. But we’re hopeful! Let your weird out, New York.

MoMA Will Take All Your Old Junk