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Russians Stripped of ‘Most Outrageously Expensive Manhattan Apartment’ Title

Photo: Christian de Portzamparc

In the unfathomable game of excess that is Manhattan real estate, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev blew everyone away late last year when he bought a Central Park West apartment for a record-setting $88 million, even though he was probably getting ripped off at $13,000 per square foot. But his reign was short, with the penthouse at One57, a new midtown skyscraper, going for a bananas $90 million-plus, the Times reports today — a veritable bargain at $8,000 per square foot. And while the developer is mum on the identity of the buyer, he’ll have everyone know it’s “someone that people would recognize” and a “very nice family” that’s definitely not Russian, Ukrainian, or from “any other part of the former Soviet Union.” USA! USA! (Or China?)

Most-Expensive-NYC–Apartment Owner Not Russian