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New York Post Cover Barely Notes Obama’s Same-Sex-Marriage Support

News stories that are bigger than President Obama’s announcement yesterday that gay couples should be allowed to marry, according to the New York Post: (1) The Tan Mom being banned from salons. (2) John Travolta’s alleged masseuse abuse. If you squint, you’ll see down there at the bottom a headline reading “Obama Says ‘I Do’ to Gay Nups.” It’s not quite the panicked war on marriage that the Post’s News Corp. sister publication Fox Nation declared, but the story is quite conspicuously relegated to little more than a footnote for the right-leaning tabloid.

To contrast, consider the covers today of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Daily News, AM New York, Newsday, and Metro, all of which found Obama’s interview to be quite newsworthy and deserving of prime placement. For the Post, that’s one way to stand out, but it’s a trick they’ve used before: When New York made same-sex marriage legal last year, the Murdoch-owned daily hardly noticed at all.

New York Post Barely Notes Obama on Gay Marriage