Nothing Can Prepare You for the Horror of This Musical Tribute to Facebook

Based on a post on the “Thank You FB Song” Facebook page, this video, which was created in honor of today’s Facebook IPO, seems to be a genuine, non-satirical effort:

Like millions around the world, I LOVE FACEBOOK!

One morning in early 2012, this Facebook Song literally sang itself into my head while I was taking a shower.

I quickly recorded it into my computer so I wouldn’t forget it. I immediately sent the song to my brilliant composer friend Gianluca Verrengia to ask his opinion. He liked it and we finished writing it together.

This project would not have been possible without the generous friendship and collaboration with my co-writer Gianluca in Italy, film producer Marjean Holden & editor Soken Sai in Hollywood, singer Simone Waddell in Australia and rapper Jeffery Anaba in London and all of our friends and family.

Most of the people collaborating on this project have never met each other face to face and many have donated their time, energy and resources to bring this song to life.

The song simply expresses gratitude. The gratitude that I have for my dear friends and family and the gratitude that we collectively have for the Facebook platform for allowing us to grow our loving world community.

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!
Deborah Torres Patel

We feel really bad about saying this, because this lady seems like a very nice person who really cares about this project … but this video made us want to set ourselves on fire.


Nothing Can Prepare For This Facebook Tribute