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NYPD and Feds Bust Illegal Gambling Ring in Chinatown

The law wins.

On Tuesday, the NYPD and federal officials arrested eleven people at a building in Chinatown in connection with an illegal gambling ring, as well as two doctors for allegedly practicing there without a license. Officials said the six-story building housed a variety of games, including mahjong, pai gow poker, and computer-based slots. “This type of sophisticated operation, where you have a building where at least four floors were dedicated to different types of gambling-type dens, that’s not something that we see a lot of,” said ICE official James T. Hayes Jr. Police accused the two doctors of injecting people with unknown substances and giving them unidentified pills, NY1 reports.

Officials dubbed the lengthy investigation “Operation Snake Eyes,” a reference to an unfortunate roll in a game of craps. In total, officials will seize about $14 million in assets from the building, which was also raided last year by the NYPD. Apparently, the house doesn’t always win.

NYPD and Feds Bust Illegal Gambling Ring