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President Obama and Mitt Romney: The Phone Transcript

Obama and Romney have a cordial conversation. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images and Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images

Earlier today, President Obama called Mitt Romney to congratulate him for clinching the GOP nomination. According to a Romney aide, the rare personal conversation was “brief and cordial.” Daily Intel, which has tapped the Oval Office’s phone lines since 1987, has the exclusive transcript:

[ring ring]

Mitt Romney: Hello, this is Mitt Romney speaking. Please identify yourself.

Barack Obama: Hi Mitt, this is Barack Obama. I just wanted to congratulate you on clinching the nomination. That’s quite the accomplishment.

Mitt Romney: Thank you Barack, that’s kind of you.

Barack Obama: Wasn’t as easy as some people thought it would be, but you did it, eventually.

Mitt Romney: I did, yes.

Barack Obama: Kind of incredible how hard it was to beat some of those guys, when you think about it. I mean, Rick Santorum?

Mitt Romney: Ha, well, I’d rather struggle with Rick Santorum than a redneck prison inmate.

Barack Obama: You mean your base?

Mitt Romney: At least my base was born in America, unlike some people.

Barack Obama: Tell Donald I say hi, and thanks.

Mitt Romney: I’ll see you at the debates, Barry.

Barack Obama: It’s so on.

Obama and Romney: The Phone Transcript