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Pedro Espada Accuses Prosecutors of Black Magic

Pedro Espada.

Remember former state senator Pedro Espada? How he would always do these crazy things, like throw money at protesters and pay his janitors $1.70 an hour and paralyze state government for a while and possibly embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we’d all sigh and shake our heads say, “Oh Pedro.” Well, he’s still at it!

Ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. dramatically donned rosary beads at his embezzlement trial yesterday — as he accused prosecutors and an FBI agent of using the occult to affect the jury’s deliberations.

We’re in the homestretch, and so we’re pulling it [the rosary] out because we know that the prosecutors are sitting in a certain seating arrangement that I recognize as being a certain ritual,” Espada bizarrely told reporters after placing the religious beads around his neck in front of Brooklyn federal court.

Oh, Pedro.