Professor Romney Gives Obama Straight F’s on Report Card

LYNCHBURG, VA - MAY 12: Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attends commencement ceremonies as the scheduled commencement speaker at Arthur L. Williams Stadium on the campus of Liberty University on May 12, 2012 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Liberty University is one of the country's largest Christian colleges. (Photo by Jared Soares/Getty Images)
He’s the new professor. Photo: Jared Soares/2012 Getty Images

Mitt Romney has given the Obama presidency a decidedly awful failing mark. CBS’s Jan Crawford asked Romney what grade he would give the president, to which he replied,“Oh, an F, no question about that.” Crawford responded, “Across the board?” Romney responded affirmatively. That goes for Obama’s foreign policy as well, Crawford points out, asking, “Even despite the killing of Osama bin Laden?”

Romney then criticized Obama for failing to secure an agreement with Iraq to maintain a force of American troops there and mishandling the Arab Spring.

The Republican candidate also took Obama to task on unemployment, but it was the foreign policy critique that drew a strong rebuke from the Obama campaign. “Romney’s comment assigning a grade to President Obama’s foreign policy is just as misguided and misinformed as his statement about Russia being our top geopolitical foe,” said Tim Roemer, former ambassador to India and member of Congress, in a statement.

Crawford later asked if there’s any area in which the president would receive above a failing grade. Romney said, “getting … Osama bin Laden, that’s terrific.” Obama may be flunking foreign policy, but at least he got a smiley-face sticker on top of his bin Laden test.

Professor Romney Gives Obama Straight F’s