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The Queer Sex Educator Who Wants Five Hitachi Magic Wands and Loves Making Out

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, The Queer Sex Educator Who Wants Five Hitachi Magic Wands and Loves Making Out: Female, 26, Southwest U.S., sex educator, queer, domestic partner–married (semi-open relationship).


2 p.m. Hosting a queer, kinky play party tonight. Didn’t really get to play much at the last one because of logistics, but hoping I’ll actually get to play tonight. Making a list of what to bring; multiple floggers, wooden bongers (massagers), a knife or two, a few paddles, my violet wand, a large cane, and a variety of nipple play toys. The idea is that if I bring things that are fun to play with, I’ll actually get to play.

5 p.m. Picking up supplies for the party, but feeling kind of meh. I’m tired and just want to go to bed, but have to get dolled up and put on a sexy happy face for the party. Crossing my fingers that once I’m at the dungeon, the hot queer kinky energy will get me going. We shall see.
7 p.m.
Not sure what to wear. I used to really do it up for kink events; leather corsets, short skirts (or just panties), fishnets, knee-high boots; you name it. Now, I throw on a super-short burgundy pinstripe skirt with matching bra and a see-through black lace top and call it a night. I may be domesticated, but I also know I can get laid whenever I want, regardless of what I’m wearing, an epic bonus of my long-term relationship.
2:20 a.m.
Party is over. Great success; dozens of people attended, and I got to watch some hot scenes. We’re in a mostly monogamous, semi-open relationship (it’s more flexible for kinky play). There was fire play, fisting, some beating of a woman who was suspended, playing with gender, and more. I got to introduce some of my casual play partners to the joy of electrical play, and my spouse and I got to do two scenes, one with me bottoming to them using the electric wand, and another where I got to show off my Florentine skills in flogging them with two floggers at once. I’m exhausted, but had a great time, and feel quite satisfied. Playing in public really gets me going.


10:30 a.m. Up far too early for brunch, especially since we didn’t shut down the play party until after two. Still enjoying memories of playing together last night, and some of the scenes we got to watch. Wish we could have these parties on a weekly basis, but I guess the wait for them builds up the tension.
Spending time with friends who have kids is hard. So much of my life centers around talking about sex that I’m constantly having to edit my conversations. Will be more excited when they are older, and I can be the pervy godmother teaching them about the birds and the bees.
5:05 p.m.
We’re off to a queertastic wedding tonight, and my partner looks incredible in a bow tie and suspenders. Hoping we can have some sexy bathroom make-out time during the wedding.
11:15 p.m.
Bathroom make-out time didn’t happen. We’re both exhausted and crash into bed. I still get to be the little spoon, and someone is a little handsy. Fall asleep with hard nipples.


9:30 a.m. Writing a piece on the joys and benefits of masturbation makes me want to masturbate. Big shocker there. Trying to decide whether it is appropriate to take a fifteen-minute break to go masturbate, or whether I should push through and finish this piece to send it in earlier than the deadline.
9:45 a.m.
Masturbation clearly won out. Off to go grab my Hitachi Magic Wand, some lube, and the first fun dildo I can get my hands on. It’ll only be a few minutes, and it is good research.
12:22 p.m.
Wishing my partner were home, because I’m still horny. My sex drive has been on hiatus for the last few months, and now that I’m actually feeling horny again, I want to make the best of it. Sigh. Hoping this lasts until the end of the workday when my partner gets home, so we can have fun sexy times.
1:30 p.m.
Still thinking about sex … and how many sex toys I own. Probably in the hundreds at this point. I kind of want to invest in an epic tool chest so I can organize them and store them. Or something. I need to have better access to my selection of dildos, vibes, and lube.
10 p.m.
We don’t make it to bed until now. Sexy times are off the list, but spooning is on. Best little spoon ever!


11 a.m. Out to brunch for a work meeting. Inappropriately distracted by hot dyke with a Mohawk bussing tables on the other side of the restaurant. Miss a few key pieces of the conversation and am trying to refocus. Doing okay until she bends over to pick something up. Wondering if my partner would be into a threesome?
1 p.m.
Shoot my partner a text (or two … or three) about wanting some hot make-out time when we get home after dinner. Sometimes I like going back to high-school style marathon make-out sessions. Hoping this can happen; our work schedules frequently prohibit all sexy times during the week because of how tired we are.
8 p.m.
Success! Partner comes home, we get the chores done, and now, hop into bed for some hot making-out and grope-age action.
9:30 p.m.
Almost two hours of making out later, my lips are chapped and I’m just the right amount of both satisfied and horny. Time for bed, and of course, more cuddles.


7:45 a.m. Am running late out of the door, but stop on the way out to give my partner a peck on the cheek, which turns into a deep kiss …which turns into a make-out session with some groping action and a breathless me cursing the fact I have to be at work in fifteen minutes. Don’t people know that there are some of us who would like to have some hot sexy action in the morning without having to wake up at some ungodly hour? Pull my lover’s hands off my breasts and slide out the door with naughty thoughts racing through my mind.
11:34 a.m.
Still all kinds of hot and bothered from make-out session. Wish I could just run into the bathroom and jack off, but a) I have no vibrator at work and need that to make that happen, and b) the two-stall bathroom at the office is always occupied. Wondering if I could possibly sneak out during lunch … and then realize I have a lunch meeting. Why does this always happen to me?
6 p.m.
Cuddling on the couch watching TV after dinner. My partner’s hands magically wander underneath my shirt, expertly finding my nipples without needing to feel around. We sit that way, my partner’s hands on my nipples and my hands playing around on my partner’s crotch, over her jeans. It feels good, comfortable and just where I want to be.
8 p.m.
More make-out time in bed! I love making out. A lost art, I tell you. Truly a lost art.


7:30 a.m. Wake up after having some epic Hitachi Magic Wand action in my dreams. I’m not sure why my dream self thought I needed to own five Hitachis, but I did, each with a different cap. Bummed that I don’t have time to masturbate before heading into the office.
2 p.m.
Still thinking about owning five Hitachis. New bucket list item.
5:30 p.m.
Driving down the highway to a college town about an hour away, my car chock full of vibes, dildos, lube samples, harnesses, and more, all in the name of teaching college students about sex toys and safer sex. Wondering what would happen if I was pulled over … particularly by a sexy dyke in uniform. “I’m so sorry, officer, there are college students relying on me to teach them safer and oh so satisfying ways to get it on. Is there any way I could demonstrate my skill set to get out of a ticket?” Inappropriate, yes, but a delicious fantasy. I have quite a well developed exhibitionist side, and I feel like this can definitely go into my wanking-fantasy files. Check.


8 a.m. So ready for the weekend. We don’t have many plans, so hopefully that means we actually can have some awesome sexy times. Seems as though everything has been c–t blocking us lately. Stress, work, being sick, being tired, you name it. Pretty ready to pounce and have some no hold barred f–king.
2:12 p.m.
Text partner. “Need sexy times this week. Understand?”
2:14 p.m.
“F–k yeah!” in response. Sexy times are ON baby!
4:40 p.m.
Making a list of all the hot and bothersome things I want to happen this weekend. I think the Njoy Eleven (eleven-inch stainless steel dildo) will be making an appearance, and the Hitachi (of course) and the Lelo Mia vibrator, and lots of other exciting things. I also foresee handcuffs, possibly some nipple clamps, and maybe more play with the violet wand. Bugger. I’m making myself horny at work just thinking about this. Probably not the best place to be making all of these plans.
5:20 p.m.
Unpacking last box from move. Multiple restraints, three dildos (one flesh tone), a few vibrators, a tiger’s claw, about 100 feet of rope, a knife, some nipple clamps. I forgot how many toys we have … these have been in a box for over a year, and I totally forgot about them. Bad pervert, bad. At least they can get some good use this weekend.
6:30 p.m.
Time for cuddles. I start whispering in my partner’s ear about all of the naughty things I plan on doing this weekend. Partner is horny and ready. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Sexy time success!

TOTALS: Two hot play scenes at a kinky play party; one very long, drawn-out session of jacking off with sex toys; a bunch of sexting; a few scattered fantasies; several hours of making out and not enough sexy time, not even close.

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The Queer Sex Educator Who Loves Making Out