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Some People Were Impressed by Mitt Romney’s High-School Cruelty

Romney voter. Photo: iStock

A new ABC News poll shows that the Washington Post’s exposé of Mitt Romney’s cruelty as a high schooler nearly five decades ago — most notably, toward a gay student who dared to sport an alternative hairstyle — will not make much a difference come November: A full 90 percent of respondents say that the revelations about Romney of Yore will not be a “major factor” in their vote, while only 8 percent — likely predisposed to voting against Romney already, the report notes — think they’re a major reason to oppose Romney.

Depressingly, some freaks were actually impressed by Romney’s penchant for bullying. One percent of the survey’s respondents (9 out of 1,004 adults, pollster Gary Langer tells us) said that Romney’s diabolical high jinks are a “major reason to support” him. Presumably, they admitted this while masturbating to crush videos in a musty basement filled with jars of their own urine.

Romney Bullying Impresses One Percent of America