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Obama Campaign Reminds Everyone That Mitt Romney Was Also a Governor Once

Mitt Romney doesn’t talk much about his time as governor of Massachusetts, preferring to focus attention on his experience as a businessman, because that experience will be very important to him as president for, um, various reasons he is unable to explain right now. But the Obama campaign is trying to steer the conversation in that direction today with an Axelrod–helmed press conference on the steps of the Massachusetts State House, as well as the release of a four-minute mini-documentary highlighting Romney’s failed promises as governor.

The evidence doesn’t look great for Romney — Massachusetts was 47th in job growth under his leadership, for example — but the video would probably be more effective if Team Obama had managed to find a single Republican willing to criticize Romney’s record. Instead, we hear from three Democratic mayors, two Democratic state representatives, and one Democratic state senator that, in their unbiased opinions, Romney was an absolute disaster.

Obama Focuses on Romney Record as Governor