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Mitt Romney, the Most Tone-Deaf Person on Earth, Invites President Obama to Go Waterskiing

We’re reaching the point where Mitt Romney can pretty much sound as rich as he wants because he’s now said so many completely tone-deaf, rich-sounding things that new instances of the phenomenon are barely worth noting anymore. This is good for Romney, because he seems completely unable to filter himself.

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto this afternoon, Romney declined to play President Obama in a round of golf, but he did offer to take him waterskiing. Look, there’s nothing wrong with waterskiing, but it’s not exactly a relatable sport for most people. (See also: John Kerry windsurfing.) Romney could have proposed a steak cook-off or a bowling competition or … anything that doesn’t remind people of his own privileged lifestyle. But he doesn’t think that way. It’s kind of refreshing, actually, how bad he is at pretending to be someone else.

Romney Invites Obama to Go Waterskiing