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Brooklyn Artist Finally Free After Plastic Bag Bomb Mix-Up

The glowing plastic “I ♥ NY” bags mistaken for bombs got 50-year-old Brooklyn designer Takeshi Miyakawa locked up at Rikers for a few days, where a judge ordered he undergo a psychiatric evaluation, for some reason. Although he was supposed to be there for 30 days, someone finally thought better of it and Miyakawa was released yesterday ahead of his June 21 court date.”Do I look like an insane person?” he asked reporters. “I’m quite eccentric, but not insane.” Insisting he didn’t manifest a bomb scare to conjure up press for his art installations, Miyakawa was contrite and polite upon his release, the Observer reports. “I was in shock, but I was more in shock that people in Williamsburg were locked down for two hours, and I really want to apologize to them,” he said. “I just want to take a long bath and have a beer.” Get this man a whiskey.

Takeshi Miyakawa Free After Brooklyn Bomb Scare