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Union Square’s ‘Methadone Alley’ Is Back, Complete With Police Crackdown

Photo: chensiyuan/Wikimedia

If it’s May, it must be time for Union Square to be filled with spring blossoms, a Greenmarket bursting with fresh produce, sundresses, and NYPD officers locking up rows of drug addicts. Ah, spring!

Last year right around this time, police cracked down on users and dealers on the park’s east side, known as “Methadone Alley.” The cleaned-up park didn’t last long — NYPD raided the park on Tuesday evening, arresting ten users and two dealers and confiscating heroin, Xanax, and Klonopin. The sweep was spurred by complaints from neighbors, though, as Gothamist notes, police presence in the area hasn’t exactly been scant in recent months, thanks to Occupy Wall Street. Does that mean the department considers occupiers more of a problem than what Samantha Bee memorably called a “giant undulating pile of human sorrow”?

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Union Square’s ‘Methadone Alley’ Is Back