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Willliamsburg Residents Fearful That Owner of Raucous Club Will Move Into the Neighborhood

Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Some Williamsburg residents are not interested in Alexander Dimitrov’s idea of a good time. Dimitrov is the owner of raucous Lower East Side Bulgarian club Mehanata, which promises a free shot for nudity and contains an “ice cage” where patrons are invited to pound as many vodka shots as they can for two minutes. That challenge’s tagline is, “We will destroy your liver.” What could possibly go wrong? Dimitrov is now attempting to get a liquor license for a space on Williamsburg’s North Side and simply doesn’t understand objections from the community, or the local board’s recommendation to deny him a license. “I’m trying to make a very nice place for the community and they deny me,” he said, adding that the Brooklyn spot would be different. “I don’t know why they need to be upset about it.” All Dimitrov wants to do is show the people a good time and possibly destroy some livers.

Willliamsburg Residents Protesting Raucous Club