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Bronx D.A. Wants to Know More About Abuse at Horace Mann

Photo: Graham Morrison/Bloomberg News/Getty

While Horace Mann is trying to distance itself from allegations of sexual abuse by at least three faculty between 1978 and 1994, Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson won’t let the school sweep the issue under the rug. Following this weekend’s New York Times Magazine’s cover story on the decades-old abuse allegations, Johnson said he will “reach out to the Horace Mann community and encourage them to report incidents of such behavior, whether they are within or outside of the statute of limitations.” He’s also asked the prestigious school for a copy of its guidelines on sexual abuse. So far, he hasn’t announced plans for a formal investigation, but the response has added another layer of controversy for the school’s alumni, who’ve been commiserating about the story by the thousands on social media.

Bronx D.A. Looks Into Abuse at Horace Mann