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Brooklyn Artist Deemed Sane, Insufficiently Cynical Following Bomb Scare

Photo: Takeshi Miyakawa

Takeshi Miyakawa, the artist who was arrested when his “I Love New York” bag art installation was mistaken for a bomb, has passed a mental health exam. Miyakawa, whose sweet project landed him at Riker’s Island for five days, told NY1:


I did the installation to send a simple message. I love New York too, to people in the street. It’s such a positive and simple message. I thought it was going to work out fine. There was some misunderstanding. I’m sorry about that.

He should watch himself. Presumably gushing about wanting to share his love of the city with his fellow New Yorkers is what made the court think he might be crazy in the first place. Unfortunately, Miyakawa’s ordeal still isn’t over. He’s still facing charges for planting false bombs, reckless endangerment, and criminal nuisance, and is scheduled to be back in court on July 19.

Brooklyn Artist Deemed Sane Following Bomb Scare