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Brooklyn Park Closes Earlier Closer to Housing Projects

Photo: Wikimages

There seems to be an invisible line dividing Fort Greene Park, DNAinfo notes today, and residents are wondering why that could possibly be:


On the Myrtle Avenue side, where public housing projects border the park, signs are posted that read, “This area closes at 9 p.m.”

But no such signs exist on the DeKalb Avenue side of the park, where historic brownstones and long-limbed trees line the streets. That area remains open until 1 a.m.

I don’t know why there would be two different closing times in this park,” said one resident on the late-night side. “But I hope it’s not racially motivated.” Heavens no! That couldn’t be it. Right?

The Parks Department claims that the earlier closing time applies only to the barbecue area, but as DNAinfo points out, “the barbecue area is an extensive stretch that encompasses a courtyard with wooden benches, expansive lawns, basketball courts, public bathrooms and picnic tables. There are no built-in grills in the barbecue area — locals must bring their own.” So it’s probably not a Smokey the Bear thing. Hmmm! What is it then? Residents on the north side have raised the issue with the local community board, so hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of it.

Brooklyn Park Closes Earlier Closer to Projects