horndog high

Brooklyn Student-Rapper Explores Limits of Free Speech in Song About School Scandals

A 16-year-old has dropped a track about the dark underbelly of James Madison High School in Brooklyn, apparently now known as “Horndog High” after another (alleged) sex scandal involving one of its teachers. The rapper DOV, real name Jay Maslow, also rhymes about alleged incidents of homophobia, drug use, and racism in the song Ghost Rhymer. But he plays it safe and scratches out names. They know who they are, and so do the students. Here’s a taste: I’m the ghost rhymer, I’m the cat that you all see. I watch everything that’s happening and tell it for free.

It’s what’s going on in my school, it’s my First Amendment right that I learned in school and I’m using it, you know?” Maslow told NY1 with a smirk. Lyrics are not safe for work, but perfect for the imminent Department of Education meeting.

Brooklyn Student Raps About Misdeeds at School