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Buzzfeed and the New York Times to Fraternize On-Camera

Photo: Ramin Talaie

The dead-tree lovers at the New York Times will get a hand from the beefed up politics team at Buzzfeed’s meme factory for online video coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions, they announced today. In explaining the old guard-new guard pact, the Times cites Ben Smith & Co.’s “energy and keen ear for how political stories play out in the social sphere,” while the new kids acknowledge the benefit of pairing with “such a respected news organization as The New York Times, and one that understands and values online reporting.” They won’t be without competition, 24-7 cable news aside: Arianna Huffington will be using the conventions to show off her new streaming video network HuffPost Live, leaving eager online viewers to decide whether they prefer sideboob or adorable animals to cleanse the political palate.

Buzzfeed and the New York Times to Fraternize