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Connecticut Teacher Bad at Improvising

Photo: NBC

We’ve all been there: You’re talking to a guy, you know his name, but your tired and/or alcohol-addled brain just can’t remember it. So you improvise. Maybe you call him “man,” because he is definitely a man, of that you are sure. “What have you been up to, man?” Or maybe you just don’t address him directly at all. “See you around!”

A Waterbury, Connecticut, math teacher named Kathleen Pyles found herself in this situation recently. Embarrassingly enough, she couldn’t remember the name of one of her own students! So she improvised.

Officials said the incident occurred in May. They were told the teacher called the child by the wrong name, and when he pointed that out she responded by saying, “How about black boy? Go sit down, black boy.”

Whoa! That’s not how you do it. Where the hell did this lady learn to improvise? According to Eyewitness News:

A spokesperson for Waterbury Public Schools says Pyles has only been at the school for about a year and came from Kentucky.