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Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC With Big, Vague Plans

THE DYLAN RATIGAN SHOW -- Pictured: Dylan Ratigan, Host,
Photo: MSNBC

MSNBC afternoon host Dylan Ratigan won’t renew his contract with the network, making June 22 his last day, the New York Times reported over the weekend. “Once you’ve said your piece, you can either keep saying it — and then it’s a job, good job, pays well, everybody knows your name, it’s great — or you can decide what you’re going to do about it,” the spirited cable-news maverick explained. “And the answer is, I don’t know. But I do know, in order to figure it out, I have to dismount.” Ratigan said he might start a media property, but it sort of sounds like he wants to run for office: “Basically my plan is to meet with tons of people, learn from tons of people, and then figure out a way to take the narrative I’ve been talking about, and show the most effective ways to resolve it.” The Times added that he’ll keep in touch with viewers through his website’s “campaign-style e-mail list,” so take that as you will.

Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC With Big Plans