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Estonia’s President Wants Y’all to Chill

One of many amazing tweets by Estonia’s president.

Exactly a week after T. Boone Pickens schooled Drake on the relative difficulty of earning large amounts of money, the magical ability of Twitter to bring distant, disparate people into interaction with each other was demonstrated once again last night when Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the heretofore near-anonymous president of Estonia, went off on Paul Krugman after the Times economist dared to downplay the Eastern European country’s economic successes in a blog post.

From reading these tweets, you might assume that Krugman had launched a viscious attack on the intelligence and integrity of all of Eastern Europe, when in fact, nothing like that appeared in his very brief post. Someone is being a little insecure, we think.

And yes, it really was the president of Estonia, and the president of Estonia really did, after the tirade had picked up some attention on Twitter, suggest that y’all chill.

Estonia’s President Slams Krugman on Twitter