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Someone Sent a Foot and Hand to Vancouver Schools

Magnotta. Photo: INTERPOL

The disturbing saga of (alleged) porn-star cannibal killer Luka Magnotta continues with the grisly discovery on Tuesday of a hand and a foot delivered to separate Vancouver schools. Staff members at the all-boys St. George’s School opened a package that contained a foot, the Vancouver Sun reports. Staff at an elementary school received a hand. Police are investigating a connection between these appendages and the foot and hand that they believe Magnotta sent to offices of Canada’s Conservative and Liberal parties last week. Perhaps it’s not as simple as determining if the right and left parts match.

Authorities captured Magotta in Berlin on Monday with the help of an employee at an Internet café, who exclaimed, “I looked in the papers and said, ‘That’s him who they’re looking for, the porno killer.’” Magnotta was in the café, perusing reports about his work. He will not fight extradition to Canada.

Criminal profiler Jim Van Allen told the Sun about the possible connection between the hands and feet traveling around the country via Canada Post, “It’s just so unique. It was a hand and foot sent to two different places in Ottawa, hand and foot sent here. It could be a match.” He continued, “If you had three feet then I’d say that you have … more potential for a copycat.”

Someone Sent Foot and Hand to Vancouver Schools