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Germany’s ‘Forest Boy’ Is Probably Just Some Hipster

Forest Boy, if that is his real name. Photo: Berlin Police

Last September, Forest Boy, an English-speaking teenager, told authorities in Berlin that he’d been living with his recently deceased dad in the forest for the past five years and had no idea who he was. Since then, police have tried to figure out Forest Boy’s identity, but to no avail. Various inconsistencies in his story have made them question whether he’s telling the truth about living in the woods, actually. “Everything gives the impression that he was not far away from civilization for years,” a police spokesman tells the AP

Furthermore, Forest Boy “seems to have an astounding lack of interest in finding out who he is,” the same spokesman told the Telegraph. In fact, it took “intense discussions” to convince Forest Boy to even let them release the photo you see above. Which makes us think he’s just some hipster doing some kind of avant-garde performance art. If you recognize Forest Boy as that guy you always used to see walking around Bushwick up until about nine months ago, let us know. 

Do You Recognize Germany’s ‘Forest Boy’?