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Gawker Has Access to Romney’s Personal E-Mail Account, Won’t Tell Us What’s Inside

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally at Somers Furniture on May 29, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mitt Romney is holding campaign event and attending a fundraiser hosted by Donald Trump in Las Vegas.
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Gawker empire has published cell-phone shots of Brett Favre’s penis, a shirtless photo of the Craigslist congressman, unconfirmable details of Christine O’Donnell’s alleged one-night stand, and stolen footage from Fox News. And God bless them for it. But, sadly, there seems to be a limit to even Gawker’s ballsiness. In a post this afternoon, John Cook writes that a tipster has informed Gawker that he/she “hacked” into Mitt Romney’s personal e-mail account (Hotmail, heh) merely by answering Romney’s password hint (What’s your favorite pet?). The tipster didn’t give Gawker any screenshots, but he/she did offer them the account’s new password so they could peruse for themselves. 

So, what dark, sordid secrets are hidden inside Romney’s personal e-mails? We don’t know, because Gawker is, at least outwardly, refusing to look. After all, logging in “would put us at some legal jeopardy,” Cook writes, evincing a surprising and disappointing level of restraint.

We can’t blame them, but, still, come on, Gawker. Take one for the team — Team American People. We got your back. Not as in, like, contributing to your legal defense. But so much moral support.

Gawker Won’t Hack Romney’s E-Mail Address