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Greta Gerwig Knows Just the Spot for a Heartbroken New Yorker

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Patrick McMullan

Last evening, New York caught up with Greta Gerwig at the premiere of her new movie, Lola Versus, which features her in the role of a moping, just-dumped heroine. Gerwig herself hasn’t been dumped lately — quite the opposite — but we wondered if she had any go-to suggestions for someone who had. She did not disappoint. “There’s this bar in Greenpoint, where, up until a year ago, you could smoke in it, there’s a jukebox that contains only the soundtracks to musicals, and it’s all old Polish guys. It’s amazing, ” she said. “It’s across the street from this really intense gym. I can’t remember the name, but it’s not that big, and I bet you anyone who lives in Brooklyn knows this bar.” We do not, but a Greenpoint pal suggested this might be the place, although maybe not, per Gerwig’s further description. “I don’t think you can look it up on Yelp.” 

New York is a good city to get over a breakup,” she continued. “And there’s a lot of interesting, attractive people to hook up with, so there’s a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, everyone else has all those possibilities as well!” Gerwig laughed. “So it’s hard to lock it down, because everyone’s aware of the new hotties from Yale or whatever.”

Greta Gerwig Knows Just the Spot for Heartbreak