John Heilemann on NOW With Alex Wagner: Whose ‘Gaffe’ Was Worse?

Our own John Heilemann joined the panel on NOW With Alex Wagner today to discuss web videos released by the Obama and Romney campaigns aimed at one another for recent off-message comments. The Romney ad dings Obama for saying the private sector is “doing fine,” and the Obama ad cuts Romney for insinuating laying off police officers, firefighters, and teachers to cut costs. “Both sides are wildly and intentionally misconstruing what each other said … and everyone’s aiding and abetting in this,” Heilemann said. “The president has to do a very delicate thing … which is to be out front about saying ‘These are real jobs and they matter to people in America, but I also care about the private sector.’ … The president has to walk that tight rope.”

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Heilemann: Analyzing Obama and Romney ‘Gaffes’