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John Heilemann on Hardball: The Hispanic Community Does Not Think Mitt Romney Is ‘With It’

Joining Chris Matthews on Hardball today, our own John Heilemann discussed how today’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down key parts of Arizona’s controversial immigration law and Mitt Romney’s tip-toeing around the issue will play into the rest of election season. Romney is currently not poling well with Hispanics, and while Heilemann noted the court’s ruling will not likely have a huge impact on campaigning, it does bring the immigration issue to the forefront for both parties. “Mitt Romney did not get on camera today, he took no questions today, his spokespeople refused to answer the question about what he thought about the ruling,” Heilemann said. “[Romney] thinks this issue is radioactive for him. Any time he’s talking about immigration, it’s bad for him because he’s in a bad place with the Hispanic community.” See more in the video below:

Heilemann: Romney and the Hispanic Vote