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Honeybee Swarm Descends on Tree Near Unpronounceable Subway Stop

Bzzzzzz! Oh, the horror!

Yesterday, at around three in the afternoon, an enormous horde of honeybees alighted in a tree in downtown Brooklyn, terrifying residents and prompting a swift reaction from the proper authorities — a.k.a. Anthony “Tony Bees” Planakis, the NYPD’s in-house beekeeper. Planakis estimated the swarm at around 20,000 honeybees, the largest such congregation of stinging beasts he’d ever seen.

In fact, DNAinfo reports that the buzzing mass was so large that Planakis’s trusty pail wasn’t up to the task and “he had to call for back up.” What makes this story just that much more bizarre is the honeybee’s choice of street corner: the intersection of Hoyt and Schermerhorn Street, which Brooklyn straphangers will recognize as the location of that unpronounceable A/C/F subway stop. Hoyt-Schammerhammer, Schamaham, Schemhmgah, [pause to catch our breath], Schmarmalade! Ah, we give up.

Honeybee Swarm Picks Unpronounceable Subway Stop