Introducing Intel Margaret

Photo: New York Magazine

Business columnist Kevin Roose isn’t the only fresh face around the expanding Daily Intel headquarters small cluster of cubicles these days. We’d also like to introduce our new night editor, Margaret Hartmann. Intel Margaret, as we have forced her to legally rename herself, joins our team after four years at Jezebel, where she most recently served as a night editor as well. You know how some people are night people and some people are day people? She’s a night person, we think! Margaret joins evening veteran Brett Smiley, who has been cranking out news into the wee hours of the morning for some time now. The two of them are an integral part of our effort to deliver a continuous IV drip of Daily Intel, straight into your eyeballs, for something approximating 24 hours a day.

Everyone say hi to Intel Margaret.

Introducing Margaret Hartmann