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‘Flirting’ John Edwards Juror Giggles, Touches America’s Arm

Photo: ABC News

Denise Speight, the alternate juror from the John Edwards trial that reportedly made the master sleaze blush with her nonstop smiles, has no idea why anybody would make such a ridiculous claim. “I thought it was just the most funny thing I’ve ever heard,” she cooed today on Good Morning America, laughing along with four of her fellow jurors to every question posed by George Stephanopoulos, like the bad kids in the back of class. “Actually I was giggling over, I think, the media reaction when we walked into the courtroom over our outfits and color,” she said, with a slight southern twang, of the alternates’ decision to dress in matching clothes at the circus-like trial. She might as well have winked at the camera.

The former senator and presidential candidate got off yesterday when a judge declared a mistrial on five federal counts against him. The jury found Edwards not guilty on the one charge they could agree on, and he’s not likely to be retried, so Speight can probably expect a phone call, despite her protestations today.

No intention of flirting with John Edwards,” she insisted with a sly smirk, batting her eyelashes, “and I don’t think he had any intentions of blushing or flirting back with me.” Eat your heart out, America.

‘Flirting’ Edwards Juror Flirts With America