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Leave New York City’s Smiley Teen Unicyclist Alone

Photo: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad/iStockphoto

Charming 18-year-old Isaih Rosemond might not have the coolest hobby in the world, but he looks so happy up there on his unicycle. A Brooklyn cop was apparently unamused when she gave Rosemond a summons for riding on the sidewalk, despite a precedent that says a single wheel is different. Rosemond says he tried to tell the NYPD officer about circus performer Kyle Peterson, who successfully fought sidewalk unicycle oppression, but she wouldn’t listen, and now he’ll have to fight it in court. “I’m confident I’ll win,” Rosemond told the Post, because the rule against sidewalk rides reads, “A bicycle is defined as [a] two- or three-wheeled device.” Let’s not lose sight of the real enemy in this “crisis”: tricycles.

Leave NYC’s Smiley Teen Unicyclist Alone