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Bloomberg Sells Soda Ban on National Doughnut Day

Mayor Bloomberg will stop at nothing to convince people that his war on big sodas is a great idea in the public interest, not governmental overreach, so he’s attempting to use his very secret weapon: charm. It’s going … so-so. This morning, he popped in at the Today show to face a relative grilling from Matt Lauer about the proposed ban. Lauer noted with some sass that Friday also happens to be National Doughnut Day, which is supported by the Bloomberg administration and honors “Doughnut Lassies” for their sweet-treat services during World War I. “It sounds ridiculous,” Lauer said. “C’mon, it doesn’t sound ridiculous,” a prickly Bloomberg shot back. It sounds a little ridiculous.

And last night, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took their shots at Bloomberg on the issue: Colbert executed a Big Gulp puppet and Stewart found himself agreeing with Tucker Carlson of all people. At least they can order up the still-legal gargantuan pastrami sandwich à la Carnegie Deli; they’ll just have to lubricate all that delicious grease with two drinks. Watch the clips straight ahead.

Bloomberg Sells Soda Ban on Doughnut Day