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North Korea Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Reckless’ for Saying It Should Prioritize Feeding Its People

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defends the rights of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender people from around the world in a speech entitled
Wishfully thinking. Photo: J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE/AFP

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a sharp rebuke to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s preposterous suggestion on Thursday that North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong-un reorder the country’s to-do list and put feed citizens somewhere above build nuclear weapons. The Times quoted the spokesman saying North Korea can now “steadily boost its nuclear deterrent by itself without letting its people fasten their belts any longer.

That’s consistent with Kim Jong-un’s promise to continue his late father Kim Jong-il’s “military first” policy. In mid-April, the isolated nation fired of a 90-ton rocket that broke into pieces shortly after takeoff. Clinton told reporters after a meeting with the South Korean foreign and defense ministers in Washington that Kim Jong-un could bring the nation into the 21st century, “Or he can continue the model of the past and eventually North Korea will change, because at some point people cannot live under such oppressive conditions — starving to death, being put into gulags and having their basic human rights denied.”

In further response to Clinton, the North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman managed to inject himself into Election 2012 as a Romney surrogate. He said, “Hillary would be well advised to pay more attention to the issues of economic crisis and huge hordes of jobless people, which have become so serious that they may dash the hope of the administration of the Democratic Party” to stay in power.

North Korea Calls Clinton’s Advice ‘Reckless’