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Norwegian Dude Arrested for Allegedly Setting Two Fires at New Yorker Hotel

Fire! Allegedly. Photo: FDNY

If the allegations are true, 29-year-old Norwegian man Tore Brox has a really depraved vision of vacationing in New York. Fire marshals arrested the tourist early Tuesday morning for allegedly setting two separate fires (extinguished by the fire department) on the twentieth floor of the New Yorker Hotel in midtown. Fire sources told the Post that Brox was drunk when he started one blaze in a hallway and the other on a housekeeping cart. Apparently, Brox was just “let’s set stuff on fire” drunk; he still had the wits to slip out of the hotel posing as a victim, Inside Man–style, and received treatment at Bellevue Hospital. Thankfully, fire marshals caught the dude and he’s now facing arson charges and two counts of reckless endangerment. 

Norwegian Dude Arrested for Starting Hotel Fires