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New York to Deprive Kids 16 and Under of the Right to Tan

State lawmakers told the Associated Press on Thursday that there’s a bill pending to forbid children 16 years and under from stepping into an indoor tanning bed. Way to go and ruin all the bronze complexions for New York adolescents, crazy tan New Jersey mom Patricia Kentcil. Her shockingly worn appearance and possible child endangerment was an impetus behind the bill, reports the Times. Right now, the state prohibits children under 14 from getting an indoor tan but permits those between 14 and 17 to do so with parental consent. Assuming the bill passes, solutions for teens that want the tanned edge in school hallways include obtaining a fake ID, going outside on a sunny day, and buying a tanning bed on eBay, which will assuredly present no problems.

NY to Deprive Kids 16 and Under the Right to Tan